Ashley Simpson


Phone number: 13062772993


Ph.D. Doctoral programme in school, education, society and culture (SEDUCE)

September 2015- February 2018

Grade: Merit

University of Helsinki, Finland

Master of Arts Degree – MA International Politics – International Relations (Research pathway) Merit. September 2013 – September 2014

University of Manchester, UK

Bachelor of Arts Degree– BA Politics 2:1 September 2010 – July 2013

University of Leeds, UK



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Journal articles

Simpson, A., &Dervin, F.2017. ‘Speaking from the stomach? Ventriloquised ethnocentrisms about Finnish education’. Educational practice and theory. 39(1). 5-29.

Simpson, A., &Dervin, F. 2017. ‘Democracy in education: An omnipresent yet distant Other’. Palgrave communications.3(24). DOI: 10.1057/s41599-017-0012-5.

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Simpson, A. Forthcoming. ‘Dialogism as an other: [Mis]uses of Bakhtinian concepts’. Journal of Pragmatics.


Simpson, A. 2011. ‘Co-operation Provides Opportunities for All - The Reddish Vale Co-operative School - A View from a Learner Ashley Simpson’, Journal of Co-operative Studies, 44(3).56.


Book chapters  

Simpson, A. In Press. ‘I with an[other]’, otherness and discourse: Reconstructing ‘democracy’ through intercultural education’.In Dervin, F., Moloney, R., & Simpson, A. (Eds.). In Press. Critical Intercultural Competencies and Teacher Education. London: Routledge.


Simpson, A. In Press. ‘Democracy in Education: Discursive struggles as struggles within-the-self’. In Collins, P., Igreja, V., & Danaher, P.A. (Eds.). Forethcoming.Nexus among Place, Conflict, and Communication in a Globalising World. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.


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Dervin, F.,& Simpson, A. 2016. ‘EDINA country report: Finland’.


Conference presentations

Simpson, A. ‘Beyond the opposition? ‘Democracy’ as an example of authoritative and internally persuasive discourse in education’. 16th International Bakhtin Conference, 6th-10th September 2017, Fudan University, China.

Simpson, A. ‘The many voices and faces of criticality in education (& beyond)’. Criticality in Education (Research): Definitions, Discourses and Controversies (August 31st – 1st September 2017, University of Helsinki, Finland.


Dervin, F and Simpson, A. ‘It’s like reading an extended student essay’. Reactions to critiques about the ‘miracle’ and ‘unorthodoxy’ of Finnish education.  CADAAD (Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines Conference), 5th-7thSeptember, 2016, University of Catania, Italy.



I have co-organised the following conferences with Professor Fred Dervin at University of Helsinki:

Criticality in Education (Research): Definitions, Discourses and Controversies (August 31st – 1st September 2017).

Keynote speakers: Adrian Holliday, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

Li Xi (Cecilee), Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.

RazmigKeucheyan, University of Bordeaux (Centre Émile Durkheim), France.

Democratic (mis)use[s]: Ideas and new frontiers of knowledge on the study of democracy in Finnish education (15th February 2016).

Keynote Speaker: Professor GertBiesta.